Friday, April 2, 2010

Rural Cycling

Now that it's warm, I drove about 30 miles south of the Montgomery where civilization ends to bike (I don't like biking in cold weather). South of the city there are a network of county roads that no one ever drives on, the terrain is mostly flat, and the roads are in better shape than the ones in the city -- so it's ideal for biking.

Despite having spent time last night working on a route, when I got to my starting point, I just headed down a road without checking my map. After 30 minutes I realized that I must be on the wrong road or had gone past my turn. After consulting my iPhone, I learned that I wasn't going in the direction I intended. I was able to work out a new route and the rest of the ride was uneventful.

While there were a good bit of homes (mainly modular and ranch style), I maybe saw a car once every 5 minutes -- that was about the extent of signs of human activity. There was also an abundance of tiny churches.

Below are two videos of the roads:


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  1. reminds me of brooksville florida