Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yellow Dust and Biking Follow-up

There is so much pollen in the air down here that for the last two weeks everything is coated in a layer of yellow dust. A few days ago I sprayed my car with a hose because the pollen kept getting on my hand, but I quickly found out why no one bothers to clean their car in the spring -- by the next day it was recoated.

Surprisingly, my allergies down here are not as bad as they are in Philadelphia. Some of the trees that I'm allergic to are in my backyard, so my only explanation for my improved state is the cleaner air quality. In a city like Philadelphia, and especially New York, the air is so polluted that over the course of a day the pollution clings to your clothing -- your clothes end up smelling funky by the evening. That doesn't happen down here.

Biking Follow-up

After work today I biked farther into the heart of darkness. I was chased by not one, not two, not three, but four dogs (the last being a three legged dog). Apparently, some people haven't heard of an invisible fence. These dogs shot out off the property line and each chased me about a half a mile down county roads. And they were very fast -- even the three legged dog. Next time I'll need to bring a broom with me. I guess the owners aren't concerned about their dogs getting hit by a car.

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  1. They are absolutely not concerned, dogs get hit by cars, that's just what happens. There's also very little need for a vet, or even dog food. Going away for a week? Leave the gate open, the dog will figure something out. I've found that pet care/concern in the South is similar to somewhere like Puerto Rico.. and very dissimilar to anywhere in the Northeast, or many other parts of the country. You won't find dogs in purses.. or dogs with outfits.. or groomers.. or dog boutiques... these animals are dogs, and get treated as such.