Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mosquito Fogging

Last night I saw my first mosquito fogging truck.

I tried to find an image of it online and this was the best I could find:

The truck I saw was put out a thick white mist. It looked more like this:

I'm sure that municipalities are careful about the pictures of the fogging trucks they post online.

I assume that chemical they spray with is somewhat safe -- if it was unsafe someone would have sued by now -- but it's been surprisingly difficult to find any information about it.

When googling, I noticed that some cities announce their fogging schedule, but all I could find on the Montgomery website was a one paragraph summary from 2008. I did find an old press release from the county that indicated that they spray with a chemical called BioMist 4+4. The fact sheet says not to get the stuff on your skin, and especially don't inhale it. I do actually have faith in government, even Montgomery city government -- I'd be really shocked if they are spraying with something dangerous, but then again, I suppose any kind of mosquito spray has to be somewhat toxic. So which is worse: West Nile Virus or BioMist 4+4?

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