Monday, January 25, 2010

Recycling and Cars


An automotive trend that seems to be unique to the Montgomery area is taking a late 1990s large American sedan, giving it a hideous paint job, oversized wheels, and flashy hubcaps. Pictured below is one of the tamer paint jobs (I've seen purple and green):

I'll see one or two a day, and I know I'm not seeing the same car over and over again because the paint jobs are unique.


Because there is no curbside recycling, I've been hoarding cardboard in my spare bedroom since I came down here in October.

I finally hit a critical mass last week when the mountain of cardboard had reached fire hazard height. The city does have 24/7 recycling drop-off sites, so on Saturday I loaded up my car and finally went to one.

Notice that they do not accept plastic.

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  1. This trend is not unique to Montgomery, it does seem to be unique to ghetto areas of the South though. I see them all the time around where I live (Tampa, FL area).