Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Hank Williams New Year

A Montgomery New Year's Eve tradition is going to the grave of Hank Williams around midnight (pictured below -- Hank is on the right; Audrey, his first wife, is on the left).
Hank is to Montgomery as Ben Franklin is to Philadelphia. There's a the Hank Williams Museum, and there are some statues of him around town.

Anyway, people gather at his grave on New Year's Eve because he died around midnight New Year's Eve. Once it's the new year, semi-pro musicians (putting it nicely) perform Hank's music and music by other country musicians. About 60 people turned out for this event. And they come from surrounding states, such as Tennessee and Florida. One of the musicians was wearing a 1950s version of a cowboy suit -- think Back to the Future III, but all black leather with white tassels. It was quite a sight. Another guy had on a massive ten gallon hat and overcoat. They sang for about 30 minutes and then abruptly left.

The event is not organized by anyone -- it just happens on its own. The musicians just show up because of their love for Hank.

About half the people there were like me -- they just came to see the spectacle. The graveyard is next to a residential neighborhood, so a number of people wander over for the show.

I shot some video of the singing. There was no lighting so you cannot see that much.

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