Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold Weather

Most of the nation is dealing with unusually cold weather this week, but you already knew that.

Down here in Alabama, the temperature is about 20 degrees below the norm. I can deal with cold weather, but the problem is that none of the buildings, including my home, are cut out for temperatures below 35 degrees -- it's getting into the teens at night. Because winter last about two months here, someone did the math way-back-when and it's more cost effective to have a few very expensive heating bills than put insulation into a building. Do folks want to take bets on what my gas bill will be this month? My heater is running non-stop just to keep the temperature at 67.

At least I'm not alone with this problem -- all of my co-workers are complaining about it too.

And tomorrow snow is in the prediction. It's probably not going to stick, but if a weatherman were to announce that accumulation will be one inch, apparently all of the businesses and schools will preemptively close.


  1. 67? My house stays between 70 and 72 in the winter, lol.

  2. My most recent electric bill (Tampa, FL - 65 yr old home w/ crawl space and flat roof over master bedroom)was $302.

    Granted, rates have gone up 24% in the past year, but that's still more than any bill I've ever had in the Summer....