Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hank Williams Follow-up

Someone saw the Hank Williams videos on YouTube who was also at the grave on New Year's and they sent me this email:


Hey [redacted], a bunch of us came down from Cleveland on a band tourbus and picked me and my husband and a couple of other folks up in Nashville and we all went to Montgomery.

We had played at Noble's for New Year's eve as part of a Hank Williams New Year's celebration and then everyone went to the grave site. We all played at the Hank Williams museum the next day and then went home, it was a blast! I am a big Hank fan, he was an amazing songwriter and wrote so many incredible songs all before the age of 29 before he died. Incredible.

Anyway, it was a blast...I loved the comments about the Hank impersonator, kind of a weird thing, they weren't very friendly to us unfortunately, but we sure had fun!

Thanks again and all the best



That's devotion which I can relate to -- I've planned three trips to Europe around John Eliot Gardiner concerts.

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