Thursday, March 4, 2010

Price of Fruit

Despite being near two ports (New Orleans and Mobile) and Florida, the price of citrus fruit in Montgomery ranges from high to insanely ridiculous.

At the supermarket the other day Navel Oranges were being sold for $1.59/lb (these were from California). I weighed two oranges; they came to 1.35 lb. So with sales tax, they would cost $2.38, or $1.19 each! That's insane.

Grapefruit is a little more reasonably priced. Bags of 6 large Florida grapefruit were being sold for $3.84 (w/tax), but $0.64 per grapefruit is still pricey, especially given the short shipping distance.

And of course, the really crazy part is that the 10% sales tax even applies to food.


  1. I think some of the problem might be that this is not the harvest season in Florida.

  2. $1.19 for an orange is much higher than I ever paid in Philadelphia...

  3. The thing that surprised me most about living in Florida was the horrible produce selection. Even during good growing years, fruits, vegetables were of poor quality and super expensive.