Sunday, March 14, 2010


Last Saturday I went to Atlanta to hear the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra perform the Mahler 3.

Because I wanted to see the spectacle of the bingo rally in Montgomery at noon, I didn't make it to Atlanta until 4:30 PM. As a result of the limited amount of time I had, I mainly hung out around the mid-town area.

The main point of interest was Piedmont Park:

The park includes: open grass areas, recreational fields, lake, and botanical gardens.

I was captivated with how in the mid-town area, a suburban-esque residential neighborhood butts up right against a business district with office towers.

Here's the view looking down a street near Piedmont Park:

And here's the view when I turn 180 degrees:

And these are the homes on the right side of the street:

But if you turn back around and head half a mile towards the office buildings, this is the view:

I thought that was kinda crazy.

The Orchestra was pretty good. Technically excellent, but devoid of a unique sound. Robert Spano lead an efficient performance, but it lacked the interpretational insight that someone like Michael Gielen brings to the Mahler 3. Gielen, for instance, pushes the woodwinds and brass to the front of the balance, and isn't afraid to let them sound raw and vulgar. But still, it was well worth the 320 mile drive (roundtrip). It's so much more fun to hear the music live than on recording.

Finally, I used my time in Atlanta to eat as much sushi as possible -- something that Montgomery lacks.

Some other pictures:

A museum cannot official be called a museum unless there is a Calder.

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