Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Storm!

According to the Pat Robertson school of thought, central Alabama is being punished for not being conservative enough with 3 to 5 inches of snow tomorrow.

Everybody is panicing because the most snow Montgomery typically gets in a winter is a dusting. The City doesn't have any snow removal equipment or salt, so it doesn't take more than an inch or two to shut everything down. By noon today the public schools, colleges and state government all announced that they would be closed tomorrow.

This evening I decided to go down to the supermarket to gawk at some good old fashioned pandemonium.

The supermarket must have reached capacity because every single shopping cart was in use.

Predictably bread, eggs and toilet paper were top sellers:

Kinda strange was that citrus fruits and strawberries were cleared out, but vegetables were fully in stock.

I expected that there would be a huge dent in the milk, but the shelves were totally filled. While I suppose the supermarket was aggressive about restocking the milk, I didn't see anyone with it in their carts. In fact, the drink of choice seemed to be soda and Gatorade.

I'm kinda of tempted to go back tonight before it closes to see what things are like, but I'm sure I can find something to watch on TV instead.

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