Friday, February 5, 2010

Expedia and USAir FAIL

So I'm in Philly and New York this weekend. I went to print my boarding pass last night I got a message that the flight had been canceled and that I needed to call USAir. Most of the airlines began preemptively canceling all flights going in and out of Philly after 3pm today last night because of tonight's snow storm. While I expect to get screwed and then pistol whipped by USAir, I thought Expedia would be better.

Neither USAir or Expedia notified me by email that the flight had been canceled -- I only found out when I tried to check-in. After being on hold with USAir for 20 minutes, getting through, then having my call dropped, then on hold for another 30 minutes, I was able to book an earlier flight into Philly. Had I waited to print my boarding pass until the morning of the flight and found out at that point that the flight had been canceled, I would have been up shit creek. The last flight out of Atlanta was at 3pm (which I took), and USAir canceled their 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm flights -- I was competing with all of the people on these flights for a seat on the 3pm flight.

Now here's the best part: USAir would let me change my flight free of charge as long as I took a flight that left within 6 days of today. This policy makes sense if something unexpected happens with the weather, but they canceled my flight 24 hours early, before any snow had fallen.

Final complaint: if the only way to change flights is to call USAir, they need more operators and a better phone system. I saw on twitter that other people were having the exact same problem. USAir had all the calls go through their main customer service number -- they should have a special number for these kinds of reschedules.

I'm still fuming that I never received any email notification -- I'll be sending angry emails.

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