Saturday, February 20, 2010


This morning I finally went to Home Depot to buy wood to build a raised garden bed.

The interior of my car has about 7.5 feet lengthwise of storage space, and the wood I wanted was 10 feet long, so the drive home was interesting:

I asked the staff at Home Depot for help with securing the wood so that it wouldn't slide out of my car while I was driving -- I figure they do this kind of thing all the time. Their big suggestion was using some twine. Well, duh.

I took full advantage of getting to drive with the trunk open and blasted Gershwin -- a fellow Yiddish Yank -- on the five mile drive back home.


  1. So...
    driving from Home Depot...
    with the back of your car open...
    hauling wood for something you're building in your house.

    You're just a pickup truck away from leaving all of Philadelphia behind, eh?


  2. That's what my co-workers said. As I pointed out to them, that's why I blasted Gershwin the whole way back.