Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baseball in ATL

Last Saturday I went to the Phillies-Braves game in Atlanta.

I wore a Ryan Howard t-shirt and Phillies hat and expected to get crap for it. From going to Eagles games since the 1980s, I'm pretty much expect a few fights to erupt during division games between fans of the opposing teams.

So I was surprised how polite Braves fans were. No one said anything. When I was climbing over seats to get back to my row Braves fans volunteered to hold my food. After the game they were coming up to me joking how I ruined Bobby Cox appreciation Day (Phillies won 7-0). Had this been Philadelphia, a more likely reaction from hometown fans would have been voluntary vomiting.

I was also surprised with how many Philadelphia fans were at the game -- easily 10% of the crowd. Some people must have been from Philadelphia -- roundtrip flights on Saturdays are only $150 and Braves tickets are very easy to get last minute. Despite the Braves still being in the wild card race at that point, I was able to get tickets three days before the game.

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