Friday, October 15, 2010

Alabama National Fair

Last night I went to the Alabama National Fair.

Yes, it's a national fair. Nothing on the website seems to indicate why exactly it is a national fair as opposed to a state fair, but I assume it's because the contests at the fair accept entries from non-Alabamans.

Anyway, it's a pretty typical state fair with livestock, competitions, food, games and rides.

The major attraction at the fair was Krispy Kreme's Donut Burger.

These things have been around for years up north (a google search produces hits going back to 2006). It's simply a bacon cheese burger with a glazed donut for a bun (aka "The Luther"). It contains nearly 1,100 calories and 67 grams of fat. Of course I had to have one and document the experience:

It tasted like a burger with a donut. And it was delicious.

Something more unique to the fair was pig racing.

Unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to the hype.

For each race the MC rambled for about 5 minutes and then the actually race took about 15 seconds.

But this one race was pretty good.

Instead of going around the track the pigs had to swim through a water obstacle. Notice how far the last pig manages to jump.

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