Monday, September 13, 2010


I found this running around my apartment the other night:

It makes Central Alabama seem so much more exotic than it really is.


  1. When I visited Miami there were lizards everywhere - they're the equivalent of squirrels in the Northeast.

  2. That actually looks like a gecko, not a lizard. Nocturnal (I think) and sometimes look like they have see through bodies.

    There are definitely tons of lizards all around Florida but more so as you head farther south, and in Ft Lauderdale/Miami/Keys there are iguanas everywhere... sometimes very big ones (up to 5-6 ft with prehistoric looking spikes and weird orange-ish colors). Mostly they are smaller ones but they can get big.

    There's also something called a Jesus lizard (maybe not the scientific name) that stands up on it's hind legs and walks across the top of water, cuts right across a canal or something to get away... looks like something out of Jurrasic Park.