Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moved into Apt

Despite all of my stuff being in Philly, and being unable to get it shipped to me until next week, I moved into the apartment. I didn't want to keep staying in the hotel which was isolated at the edge of town. I got an air mattress so I wouldn't have to sleep on the floor, and a few hundred dollars worth of stuff from IKEA (had to drive two hours to Atlanta).

The trash collection situation is unusual. Two days a week they collect "trash" -- anything you can fit into a 96 gallon city issued toter (that's right! After attacking toter users and haulers for 9 months, I'm now a toter user). Once a week they collect "garbage" which is anything in a bag. So that means I have trash collection 3 times a week. And I pay the city a fee for this.

The title of this blog should have something about shopping centers in it. I went to Target tonight for bed sheets. I quickly pulled the location up in google maps and saw it was a few miles down a road off exit 11 on I85. So I'm driving down the road, see a big shopping center and pull onto it. I can't find Target, look up the location on my phone, and see that I need to drive a few miles more. I get back on the road, a minute or so later hit amother shopping center, and pull into it. Still no Target. I pull out my phone and see I need to keep driving. I hit another shopping center and this is the one with Target. To get back to I85 I need to keep driving down that road. Another mile later I hit a fourth shopping center. Montgomery is the frigging shopping center capital of the south. And the 10% sales tax is killing me.


  1. Ha! I am totally telling Otis about the Toter situation.

  2. For the record, the city code says I have to have a toter.